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You should have done better~Mycroft
Who else here was destroyed over feeling sorry for Mycroft after that last episode? Kind of related to my fanfiction 'I'm not lonely, Sherlock' but not completely.
I was tagged by :iconchaos-box:

Write 13 facts about yourself.
Answer the 13 questions provided, then invent 13 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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13 facts about myself:
1. I am from New Zealand but I am living in the U.K.
2. My favourite three fandoms are Hetalia, Sherlock and Alex Rider.
3. My favourite ship from each is ScotEng, MyLock and Alex/Tom
4. When I get my own Amazon account I am buying Victorian and Georgian clothes (professionally made, no costume shiz) all the time.
5. I've done swimming since I was two but I've never been very good at it.
6. I'm pansexual
7. I'm half Fijian
8. I found out about hetalia from watching 'anime munters' and falling in love with England at first sight.
9. My favourite colour is Lilac (but it's black if we decide to count it as a colour not a shade).
10. I'm trying out green contact lenses instead of glasses just to try when I can be bothered.
11. Sherlock is my life. I love Sherlock.
12. I thought deviantart was a canon professional gallery with art from the actual makers when I first heard about it.
13. I've met the world's leading expert at Orcas (sometimes known as Killer whales but they are dolphins, they eat whales) because she was best friends with my year two teacher.

Answering 13 questions:
1. I have been doing art all my life but I've only started on deviantart for about nine months.
2. My favourite art style to use is pencil and normally manga. Pencil because I don't have the patience for colour but I love shading and manga because I didn't know how to draw it so I forced myself to draw nothing but manga now it's all I can draw. My favourite to see is probably watercolour realistic.
3. I like OCs when they're done well but I feel that they are a bit risky because they step out of people's comfort zone that they've created. Some OCs I've seen I love so much and they are part of my view of my fandoms but some have annoyed me because they cross how I view a fandom or I haven't understood them enough. So for me it's fifty fifty.
4. I would visit Scotland for a month because the accents are sexy, the culture is epic and the people are amazing. The climate isn't too different from what I'm used to. I just hope people don't hate on me because I have an English accent now.
5. I don't feel like my art style reflects my personality because I'm still getting used to digital art so I don't have time to experiment with what I like. I'm more doing what I think people will like the most that is in my ability. My writing does reflect my personality though.
6.  Apple. I feel like this is one of those things where no matter what the pros and cons of each is you just go with the one you had first and you won't let anyone say a word against it.
7. The most outdoorsy thing I've done is white water rafting down mini waterfalls.
8. I live in room temperature, medium England. It's like a half way point between the super hot and the freezing cold. It's winter now so it's zero degrees.
9. I don't enthuse about a band or artist, I just hear songs I like and half the time I don't even know who's written them. Some of my favourites however are: Eminem, panic at the disco, the Beatles, Simon and garfunkle and ABBA.
10. My favourite flower is an English red rose
11. Colour. 'Color' would be pronounced differently in the countries I've grown up in.
12. I have a little sister
13. Taco because I don't know what a burrito is. I've only ever had a taco once. I don't think it's such big thing in NZ or England but maybe it's just where I live that doesn't do it.

My questions:

1. Why did you join Devianart?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. What would your ideal hair colour be?
4. If you could be from any country what would it be?
5. What's your weirdest phobia?
6. What era of England is your favourite?
7. What annoys you the most about people?
8. Kill or be killed?
9. Why are we still here just to suffer? coughcoughreference
10. Tea or coffee?
11. What size are your feet? List in EU UK and US size systems
12. Whales? Y/N
13. Are you sure you are who you think you are?

Now for my (victim selection)tagging:
:iconihatemylifebleh: :iconangelbunnymiki: :iconmymindhasgoneblank: :iconneomints: :iconanonnymousefangirl: :iconkelissa: :icon1000bunnies: :iconpixirina: :icondinsoku: :iconihatemylifemyeh: :iconatotalnewbie3456: :iconjasmin-flower: :iconmegziiwegzii:


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Greetings peasants. I don't know why I'm writing this because I bet no one will read it (don't hold me to that I'm broke) I am a girl though you probably couldn't tell if you look at me: I'm ugggllllyyyyy. I'm from New Zealand. I live in England. Hetalia is life. Also feel free to make requests! I shall try my best with any but I'm not the best artist so I may not be any good. But hey I try.


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